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Hellodio everyone out there! :wave:

I know it's been a LOOOOOOOONG while (namely May 2nd) since my last Journal. :faint:
So yes, I am still alive. And kicking. Kicking chairs, mostly, but yeah. lol

To keep this as short as possible, I will jump right into everything.

Okay now. ^^

:bulletred: WHAT HAPPENED DURING MY ABSENCE :bulletred:
I'm sorry about that, but to cut the time since may short:
* university(means exams grrrr)
* going here and there with the brass orchestra
* working (everyone needs nome money -.-)
* wasting time on the computer (at least that's what my mum calls it)
* holidays at my dad's
* a few trips here and there with my mum

And that's where we head directly into the next chapter:

:cookie: FIRST CONVENTION :cookie:
Yay! :dummy:
For a long while I was torn between believing that AkiCon in Graz would be my first Cosplay Convention ever - if even O^O - but then something happened I would have never guessed:
Mum and I were at a Cadillac Meet the other Sunday(where we won a day with the new Cadillac :faint:). And while driving home, we discussed the plans for the following weekend. So I just randomly blabbered about "there being a convention in Schwechat". And she said -
"Okay! We'll go there!" And I was like O_____________O Is she kidding?
No, she wasn't.
And I had no costume. :X

So I sat there in the car, pondering for hours while we drove home, when it suddenly clicked.
"Rather simple patterns.  You have a fitting wig. She was one of your childhood heroines. GO FOR IT!!!!"

Next day, I went to the fabric store. Spent about 3 hours there, just to be absolutely sure about the materials. lol
Now, there's a strict rule that says "NEVER START WITH YOUR COSPLAY 3 DAYS BEFORE THE CON!!!" Well, 5 days are way too short too. XD
But I did it! COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH! Skirt! Underskirt! Cloth! Hairband! Blouse! I'm glad I had made fitting bracelets and an anklet ages ago. -.-
I was exhausted, unnerved, had a huge lack of sleep, food - and tea, and I didn't get the corset done, but I went with one of my belts and it was fine.

To make you stop wondering what this is actually about:
It was AniNite, in Schwechat, a 3 days con.
I was there on Saturday(and due to problems with our car :frustrated: only half of the day, so we missed all the good stuff), as Esmeralda from the Disney version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Esmeralda AniNite Teaser by Ilionej

Although we got there at half past 2pm, the whole atmosphere of the con was amazing!(4000 visitors on Saturday, 20.000 in sum on all three days :faint:) So many great cosplayers! That's why my mum took about 600 photos(can be found on my Cosplay Page on FB)
And it was all great fun! :D I wish I had had more time.

AND THAT is where we get to the next point:

:bulletblue: UPCOMING PROJECTS :bulletblue:
Next to the start of term at university, which is in a month, I will attend the ACTUAL first convention I planned to go to:


Graz, Austria
October 18th & 19th
Alte Universität

My scedule will be dependent on the convention's scedule. And I hate it that the admins take their time with that. :/

Nevertheless I will try to make a very complicated costume, a personal design for TES V - Skyrim:
A Blackreach Wizard Guard

I designed the costume completely by myself. Unfortunately I cannot reveal the concept before I am done with the costume. It would just take much more time making it pretty for people to figure what this is all about.
Information on it will be available on my Cosplay Website as soon as possible.
In addition I plan on making a video walkthrough, meaning, I film the whole process of the costume and props, cut it together, speed it up and add some nice music. Don't worry, I will tell you when it is online. Should be somewhere in the later days of October/early November.

The emergency plan is of course finishing the corset for Esmeralda and making some lovely fitting goggles. XD We'll see.

So, I think, that's all for now.
Visual art and my stories need to wait. I have been checking through my stories randomly over summer, but had hardly any time for that. At the moment they're living on in my head, which sucks. :(

Never mind.
And thank you all again! :blowkiss:


P.S.In case you made it down here, my gallery folders do look kinda awkward with the tags about layout creators but no custom layout. :hmm: That is due to the fact that my subscription ran out and I only have like 400:points:. So yeah. Not that I'm begging or something. I just wanted to tell you why, that's all.
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